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Lori grew up in NW Washington half in the city and half on the family farm that was homesteaded in 1900. During the week she would be in the city doing music lessons, ballet, school and other activities and on the weekend, she would be at the farm helping the family tend to 120 acres of farmland, including a herd of cattle and a great big garden. The city life established a training ground for understanding how neighborhoods function, and an education in the arts that lead to a liberal arts degree. The farm gave her a sense of hard work, independent thinking, figuring out how to fix things on her own and working together. In short, the farm was the lesson in how to run a business.

Lori's first business was teaching piano, and many of her students are excellent musicians today, but in 2005 the focus became real estate. Helping families and individuals get established in the community and prosper were the motivation, and enjoying helping people through the process of either selling or buying their home was a tool to do that. Since 2005 she helped hundreds of people buy or sell their homes in Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla and beyond. That's over 16 years of experience and counting for past, present and future clients to rely on.

Her favorite hobbies include Anchorage Concert Chorus, skiing on the trails, walking or biking the neighborhood, or dancing with friends and listening to live music. One of her favorite pass times in the summer is fishing, fishing, fishing.

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